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January 03, 2023

I get asked so often now that I have the storefront how I did all of “this” or what started “this”. Well, I have a secret to share with you…

I was a SAHM, I thought that was everything I could’ve ever wanted. I was so wrong. I quickly became bored, lonely, depressed and honestly didn’t feel like I brought much to the table (while that’s not true ONE BIT, I had moments I felt that way and I hated it).

So, I started refurbishing furniture in our garage with my 3 month old son sitting in his stroller. I enjoyed it a lot.

I started making wood signs for nurseries, weddings, businesses, did some interior design and the list goes on. I had no intention of it being more than a hobby and brining in a little cash here and there to cover groceries for my family or buying something for myself without guilt.

If you told me when I started my little price list for my signs that one day I’d have a store I’d probs 💩 my pants and would have never believed you. Many times- I said I would never open a shop even if we were in the financial position to do so. I didn’t want to deal with…… more people, more headaches, more risk 😅

Fast forward to 2021 and three miscarriages later my entire perspective had changed on motherhood. New perspectives were gained, heartache was felt, and 3 sweet babes gained their wings. It hurt. Bad. In that moment, I leaned on all of you. Yep, YOU- right here on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t get lost in the stigma of social media. WE’RE ALL HUMAN with feelings and opinions rooted from our experiences and I’ll continue to be open and honest for as long as I live, someone’s gotta lay it down and keep us feeling somewhat “normal”. Idk what normal is 😂

One of the many quotes I live by, “We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose.”

While I struggled after our miscarriages to get to Riley, it led me to a better understanding of what my heart wanted out of my business and what was going to keep me going. And that is, to have created a special place for us mamas to be reminded of our purpose, to give us a sense of belonging and literally create a community of mamas where we can all resonate with one another without judgement. To be able to lean on one another when needed. To be reminded that we aren’t crazy and motherhood is HARD and you are doing enough!!! I think we could all use those reminders here and there 🫶🏼

It’s not easy- motherhood is hard, then it’s great, then it’s eh. But it’s also the greatest reason you’ll ever have to take care of YOU.


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