25 septiembre 2021

Why the change in our business name?

My shop's name wasn't always Roman + Riley.

Back in the beginning of 2019, I was new to motherhood and struggled with finding ways to spend my free time as a SAHM. I was so used to "go, go, go" as I worked full time and went to school full time before having my son. My son was 2 months old when I needed to find an outlet for me that gave me "life" again. I struggled to find my purpose.  

At that time, we were living in our first home that my husband and I owned. So, that allowed me to explore different ideas/routes in the DIY world without approval and all that fun stuff with renting (before this we lived in an apartment so we were more limited).

I started to teach myself how to do different accent walls, refurbish furniture and a whole lot more. There were A LOT of trial and errors which lead to a lot of learning.

Specifically, I loved refurbishing furniture.

I started an Instagram page pretty quickly to have a space to connect with others in the DIY world and simply just have a place for me to reflect on my transformations and progress. "Mama with a Paintbrush" was my original name.

 Slowly, furniture refurbishing turned into sign making- which that turned into custom apparel- which that turned into me getting more "business minded" about it all and I was a tad overwhelmed with the amount of support I received (good thing). I slowly started pulling in brands into my shop that I already loved and used as a mama to accumulate a larger selection for my customers to shop.

Fast forward to now, and I am due with our second baby here soon. I'm due December 2021. My shop has evolved into mostly mama + baby goods and I didn't find "Mama with a Paintbrush" fitting at all for the type of business I had adapted to. 

I sat on the name "roman + riley" for a long time. I just didn't know if I loved it as a business name. Haha! It's my son and daughters name so of course I love the names- I was just hesitant and I wanted everything about my new branding to feel just right this time around now that I’ve pin pointed my focus and mission. The more I sit with the name, the more I fall in love.

I went for it (clearly).

roman + riley has been born.

Happily, you can follow along with my DIY's + home projects on Instagram @mamawithapaintbrush.home

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25 septiembre 2021

A walk in the park

I took Roman to the park this morning and while we were there we met another mama and her babe.

My son and her little boy instantly clicked and they played with their monster trucks and cars together. We chased them around the park while sharing our experiences regarding motherhood and life in general the entire time. She’s due with their second baby in October (I’m due in December). We related in a lot of different ways.

I just know it was like a weight off our shoulders to start out our mornings off with talking and sharing experiences from one mama to another. It makes you feel normal and more human again, yenno?

There was no judgement, we were clearly both comfortable with sharing things with one another and I know it set the tone for both of our days in the best way possible.

It just feels so good to have this community of mamas that you can stumble across at the park.

I know park trips aren’t always this magical 😆✨

But, my point being- that you too, are not alone! ❤️ Being a mama is HARD!

But, being a mom is also the best reason you’ll ever have to take care of you.




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25 septiembre 2021


You know what’s hard?

Coping with a miscarriage.

You know what made it harder for me to cope with it?

Covid- not allowing my husband with me in the room while I’m getting told they can’t detect a heartbeat and I’m experiencing a threatened miscarriage. Sitting there crying by myself waiting to be released and to just tell my family what's going on.

You know what’s hard?

To not think about all of the whats ifs if that pregnancy didn’t end. And even more so, the babies due date would’ve been on Roman’s birthday. It’s hard. All of it.

I debated even posting this because of all of the emotions it can bring.

After I experienced my first miscarriage I hated that it wasn’t talked about enough- when it’s normal (that doesn't make it easier)- so that way other mamas don’t feel like they did something wrong or feel all of their emotions they experience, alone. 

The purpose of this post- to bring awareness. To talk about the hard things.

I hated that everything about my experience was nothing what was portrayed in the media. You think it’s some blood passing and then done. That’s not the case at all. Not one bit.

For all of the mamas with an angel baby-I send you nothing but love and I want you to know you aren’t alone and I’m here with you. I hope for the day you have your rainbow baby in your arms. 🌈


This is the announcement I created to use for announcing this pregnancy on social media (this was my 2nd pregnancy). She was due in March- March 26th to be exact. That also happens to be my son's birthday, so it's pretty rememberable for me. 

I announced her on August 28th (my birthday) and by September 8th I was announcing our first miscarriage. I was 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant with her. 

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