A walk in the park

25 septiembre 2021

I took Roman to the park this morning and while we were there we met another mama and her babe.

My son and her little boy instantly clicked and they played with their monster trucks and cars together. We chased them around the park while sharing our experiences regarding motherhood and life in general the entire time. She’s due with their second baby in October (I’m due in December). We related in a lot of different ways.

I just know it was like a weight off our shoulders to start out our mornings off with talking and sharing experiences from one mama to another. It makes you feel normal and more human again, yenno?

There was no judgement, we were clearly both comfortable with sharing things with one another and I know it set the tone for both of our days in the best way possible.

It just feels so good to have this community of mamas that you can stumble across at the park.

I know park trips aren’t always this magical 😆✨

But, my point being- that you too, are not alone! ❤️ Being a mama is HARD!

But, being a mom is also the best reason you’ll ever have to take care of you.




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