Meet the Owner


What’s up?! I’m Madison. I am 24 y/o and married to the most supportive man. We have a three year old little boy, Roman and a 6 month old little girl, Riley.

I’m about 3 years in on my biz journey and I can only keep track of that because I started all of this when Roman was about 3 months old.

Guess what? All of this baby boutique thing started out as furniture refurbishing, DIY’s around the house, interior design, laser cut sign making, apparel making, wedding rental decor, the list goes on. I did it all. 😅 while that’s great and all, it wasn’t attainable. I also couldn’t grow my business being all over the place.

Fast forward to November 2021- I took maternity leave. During this time, I held my triple rainbow baby tight in my arms. I took advantage of all of the newborn nap times and rebranded my biz while refocusing my mission.

I reopened as Roman + Riley this year, February 2022. I started my baby + children’s boutique solely online and have attended lots of pop-up markets since to grow my business and meet new friends.

Fast forward to May/June 2022. My friend Jason ( @justswae ) and I started @olynightmarket to bring the community together for a good time while creating events that allow all of us to thrive as small business owners.

I also signed the lease to my very first storefront.

Life is crazy over here. And yep, it’s literally 1am as I’m typing this. And yes, I sleep! I take naps too 😂 and drink a lot of coffee 😁☕️

I don’t take what I’m doing lightly. Thank you for trusting me, thank you for cheering me on, thank you for the support each and everyday. ❤️🙏🏼

xx, Madison