Affiliate Program

About our Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program to earn cash while sharing items that you love and use daily in your motherhood! We view motherhood as a community and we are here to help one another!

 It's super quick and easy to sign up with plenty of perks! 

Straight-forward, no obligations and completely free!

*Enjoy our affiliate program perks through December 1st, 2021*


Affiliate program perks:

  • Earn 10% commission on every sale made with your referral link
  • Receive a unique coupon code to share with your followers 
  • After your first 3 sales with your referral link you’ll receive a $5 shop credit
  • Affiliates that reach $350 in sales by December 1st, 2021 will receive a $25 shop credit that can be used next year when shop reopens (expected reopening of Feb. 2022)
  • Access to payout every 4 days


Fine print:

  • All affiliate accounts will be disabled on December 1st, 2021 as the owner, Madison, will be stepping away for maternity leave. Restart date of affiliate program is to be determined.
  • In order to receive commission the sale must be made through your referral link or with your referral code- no exceptions (it is recommended your followers have access to your referral link through your bio for easy access and you will be able to find your referral code under your personal dashboard)
  • Earned commission is calculated solely based off of the amount made from the sale (this excludes tax or shipping costs when calculating commission off of sale)
  • Must have a minimum of $5 in affiliate earnings before a payout can be released
  • The coupon code to share with your followers is for one use per customer
  • Payout can be set up to be received through PayPal or in the form of store credit (keep in mind with store credit that our store’s expected reopening date isn’t until February 2022- closing date will be in Dec. 2021 due to owner's maternity leave)
  • At any time- any and all affiliate account may be blocked or denied for any reason under Madison’s (owner) discretion
  • Payment terms: Net 15 (15 days from invoice date or end of the current month)

 Link to apply: