Shipping Info

For my mamas in Germany! PLEASE READ.

I am more than happy to ship to you! I know it can get a little complicated with ordering from brands online once being in another country.

Shopify also doesn't make it too easy on my end to have shipping costs calculated for you at checkout. Even with your APO address because it's going to register it as a U.S. address of course (shipping still increases on my end though).

While I'd love to offer you my standard $5 shipping for orders $50+ unfortunately it isn't attainable for me with the cost difference.

I have two solutions that we can go with for you to still get your mama + baby goods!

Option #1 (my preferred method):

Order your items as normal and you can select my $5 shipping option if it's over $50. Shopify is going to process your APO address of U.S. of course. But, shipping still is a few dollars more depending on what you're wanting to order. 

Once your order is placed- I'll see it's an APO address. I will then send you an additional invoice for the additional shipping costs. It must be paid within TWO days or I will assume you changed your mind and I will cancel your order (that way other customers aren't missing out on those items). 


Option #2:

You contact me directly with your order (screen shot me your cart so I can see the size/color for each item). I can then invoice you after I manually calculate what your shipping will come out to for your order. Only con is that you're risking on an item selling out while waiting on me to get the invoice together. With the time difference I can't always be on top of it.


Here are some examples of orders and what shipping costs come out to with an APO address for you to use as a guide (keep in mind that shipping rates constantly are changing so these are NOT to be used as permanent costs for your order)

Order #1: (this order would ship in a poly bag and not as heavy) two toddler lounge sets and two tees-

Shipping to Germany with APO address comes out to around $10

Order #2: (would ship in a medium box and about 3 pounds) 2 suction bowls, a suction plate, a placemat and a toddler lounge set. 

Shipping to Germany with APO address comes out to around $15

Example: If you placed order #1 and paid the $5 shipping- you would receive a second invoice for around $5 that would need to be paid so I can get your order shipped or I will cancel it after 48 hours. With option #2 you r second invoice would be around $10.

Questions/Comments/Concerns? Please email me at

I am trying to make this as easy as possible for you to still have access to some happy mail! :)