Coastal Orchids | SWAE Candle

$24.00 USD

  • Coastal Orchids will instantly transport you to a high-class society - with an unspoken agreement of elegance is that of simplicity, quality, and a special “something else” that is your secret. The delicate yet distinct scent of orchids takes on a life of its own here with ozonic notes' aid. The smell of the salty sea breeze elevates this scent with an element of je ne sais quoi mysteriousness that morphs a run-of-the-mill floral into a sophistication extraordinaire.
    • 8 oz
    • Natural Coconut & Soy wax
    • Non-toxic ingredients
    • Hand-poured in the Olympia, WA
    • Crackling Wick
    • Dye-Free
    • Cruelty-Free
    • Clean Burning
    • Phthalate-Free
    • Paraben-Free
    • Burn time: 50-60 hours
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